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CMD'S Desk

Experience the beauty of nature - 100%
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    Chairman & Managing director

Mr. KANDALA LAKSHMI PRASAD is the CMD of Realty Infra Group, and is been into direct marketing, Real estate development and prestigious construction projects from the past 20 years. His continuous effort has made Realty Infra Group a progressive & dynamic company with a well deserved reputation for innovation, vision and integrity.

He handles the prestigious projects with confidence and ensures the successful completion in a timely manner. At Realty Infra Group, it is one emotion that runs the business of the company: within and in the external world: TRUST. The Realty Infra Group is founded on a vision which seeks to usher in a better tomorrow by providing people with improved quality of life and living standards, we take pride in our vision and insight of your world. It helps us appreciate your needs better. It is no secret that when you choose Realty Infra Group, you choose the best and take a giant leap into a bigger and better future.

He involves in social activities and strives for eco-friendly environment. To achieve anything in life, it requires a strong vision, faith and belief in oneself, determination, dedication and lots of hard work. All things are possible for those who believe in their Dreams. We believe we are enablers of people's dreams.